Venezuela denounces US Executive Order that seeks to formalize criminal economic blockade

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela submits a complaint to the international community about a Trump’s administration new and serious aggression through arbitrary acts of economic terrorism against the Venezuelan people. Washington has issued other executive order aiming to legalize the current criminal economic, financial and commercial blockade which has had negative effects on the Venezuelan society over the last years, as well as to cause serious damage to the Venezuelan people in order to force an unconstitutional change of government, in open violation of the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter.

This U.S. governing elite’s decision aims to legalize the blockade of all the Venezuelan state’s assets and property, thereby consisting in the most serious and blatant plundering in the contemporary history of international relations. In addition to stealing Citgo and Venezuelan diplomatic headquarters, the White House and its allies seek new opportunities and resources to usurp and plunder what belongs to more than 30 million Venezuelans.

The international community must take into account that a supremacist mogul in electoral campaign or a warmongering hawk obsessed with and desperate not to lose his job is not able to destroy the libertarian struggle launched by the Liberator Simon Bolivar and resumed in the XXI century by Commander Hugo Chavez; many more strategies are needed to success.

Given its new interfering actions, it is evident that the United States government and its allies bet on the failure of the political dialogue in Venezuela. They are afraid of its outcomes and benefits. In this context, the Bolivarian government of Venezuela will prevent this escalation of aggression from affecting the political dialogue process in the country and reaffirms its unwavering will to reach national agreements at different levels in order to further strengthen our democracy and to guarantee the people’s right to live in peace.

In light of the imperialist attack, President Nicolas Maduro reaffirms his call to all the Venezuelans of good faith to be united in order to face the economic and political terrorism in this new stage. The national civil-military unity is essential to firmly and patriotically follow the path towards the ratification of the Venezuela’s irrevocably independent nature, as well as to overcome together any obstacle in the defense of the Homeland and of its sacred national sovereignty.

Caracas, August 6th, 2019